MARGARET OF AUSTRIA, Duchess of Parma. 20062



Original Document Signed ‘Margarita’, appointing Pompeo Cuircio of Monte reale a civil and criminal magistrate of the fief of Campli, following his election, with two other doctors, as candidate for the post by the University and citizens of the fief. In Italian. Oblong 9 x 12 inches, in good condition, impressed armorial seal, vertical folds. With a copy of the 1978 Sothebys catalogue entry of this document. Aquila, 31 August 1578. Margaret of Parma (1522-1586), also known as Margaret of Austria, a natural daughter of the Emperor Charles V. She became Regent of the Netherlands (1559-1567). In 1567 Margaret resigned her post into the hands of the Duke of Alva and retired to Italy.