MAORI. Te Peeti Te Awe Awe, 1875. 19251



An original covering letter from Te Peeti Te Awe Awe, Chief of the Rangitane tribe, to Sir George Grey (”Friend Governor Grey”) asking him to publish another letter [not present] in the Parliament House in Wellington, so that “those who make laws for all the Colony [may] carefully look into the points in that letter from your Tribe”. 1 page covering letter in Maori, 8 x 5 inches, with a separate English translation, in excellent condition. Annotated by an early collector: “Letter from a great Rangitanee, i.e a Maori Chief, given me by Sir George Grey, lately Governor of NZ. Wellington Sept 20/75.” Tiakitahuna, Manawatu, 13 September 1875. Te Peeti Te Aweawe (c. 1820 – 1884) was a New Zealand tribal leader. Of M ori descent, he identified with the Rangit ne iwi. He was instrumental in the sale of Palmerston North district to the government in 1865. Sir George Grey (1812-1898) was influential figure during the European settlement of New Zealand. Governor of New Zealand initially from 1845 to 1853, he established peace and became a pioneer scholar of the M ori culture, writing a study of their mythology and oral history. Grey was again appointed Governor of New Zealand in 1861, following the granting of a degree of self-governance to New Zealand, serving until 1868. He was appointed as Premier in 1877, in which capacity he served until 1879.