MALVERY, Olive Christian. 19031



Autograph Letter Signed O.C.Mackirdy, asking her correspondent the purpose of his visit, explaining that she is “terribly pressed with work & am away teaching so much”. 1 page 6 x 8 inches, minor blemishes. Mackirdy’s Weekly, 21 February 1914. Olive Christian Malvery (1871-1914) was an Anglo-Indian journalist, best known for her investigations into the working conditions of women and children in London. In 1904, she was commissioned to write a seven part series of articles for Pearson’s Magazine.[4] For this she explored women’s work in various trades by disguising herself as a street singer, street peddler, factory girl, shop girl, costermonger, waitress, and barmaid. When Malvery married Archibald Mackirdy, a Scottish-born U.S. diplomat, she invited a thousand London working girls as wedding guests. Her bridesmaids were costermongers from Hoxton.