MAITLAND, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas. 16153



Warrant Signed, as Governor of Ceylon, authorizing Robert Boyd, Acting Deputy Pay-Master General, Kings Troops, to make payments to Robert Pollock, Paymaster of the 51st. Regiment. Local printing, completed in manuscript. 12½ x 8 inches, some light stains, tracing of mounting. The King’s House, Colombo [Ceylon], 1 November 1805. Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Maitland (1759–1824), Governor of Ceylon (1805-1811), where he built the Governor’s mansion at Mount Lavinia. Maitland was appointed as Governor of Malta on 23 July 1813, when the island became a crown colony instead of a protectorate. While he was Governor of Malta, Maitland also served as Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian islands during 1815 to 1823, while the islands were a British protectorate.