MACDONALD, Sir Claude, Ambassador to Japan. 17992



Autograph Letter Signed, to Mr. Thring in London, about his “tickets for the enclosure for the Emperor’s funeral” which were not collected, adding that the funeral was “a most wierdly impressive sight”. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches, fine, with the original franked envelope. British Embassy, Tokio, 15 September 1912. Colonel Sir Claude Maxwell MacDonald (1852 –1915), diplomat in China and Japan. In 1899 MacDonald was the author of a Diplomatic Note which proposed a new demarcation of the border between China and British India in the Karakoram and Kashmir, now known as the Macartney-MacDonald Line, which still forms the basis of the border between China and Pakistan. He became Britain’s first ambassador to Japan when the status of the legation was raised to an embassy in 1905.