LUMSDEN, James. 15408



Three lengthy Begging Letters Signed ‘James Lumsden’, sending his recent book to two clergymen and one other, and soliciting donations, repeating the sad tale of the circumstances leading to Lumsden being “totally ruined”. 3 pp. 10 x 8 inches. 1891, 1894, 1897. James Lumsden (1839 – 1909), pseud. Samuel Mucklebackit, was the ‘author’ of several books of poetry and short tales written in a Scots’ idiom in the second half of the nineteenth century. Samuel Mucklebackit was heavily influenced by Robert Burns and Robert Fergusson, and when on form was able to inject humour and telling observation into his poems. His poetic subjects were the events, people and places of East Lothian with diversions into the wider world.