LUBBOCK, Percy. 20096



A series of 6 original letters (2 in pencil, 2 signed in full, the rest “Percy”, 2 typed letters signed, 1 in the hand of an amanuensis due to Lubbock’s blindness) and 1 autograph postcard, to his cousin Shiela and her mother, about visits, family, etc. thanking Shiela for her letter “about books & men & the Soul of God, just the kind of talk I enjoy”. 12 pp. 8 x 6 inches. Gli Scafari, Lerici, 1951-1953. Percy Lubbock (1879-1965), author and editor. “… old friends and young relations still make me a sort of daisy-chain of visits…” “I am much as saw me last, save that I am still more set fast in my chair and no sight left to speak of, but what of that, I have kind friends always at hand to do things that I cannot do for myself.”