LOWE, Sir Hudson, Governor of St. Helena. 17007



An original Letter Signed ‘H.Lowe’, as Governor of St. Helena, to His Excellency Rear Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, questioning the need for an exact inventory of the articles imported by Mr. Lusan on Government ships, the necessity for using any spare tonnage above what is needed for the victualling of the squadron, discussing the supply of cattle, wine, and barley, mentioning the ships Adamant and David going to the Cape, etc. About 300 words on 4 pp. folio, in good condition, entlrely legible. Plantation House [St. Helena], 28 December 1816. Lt.-General Sir Hudson Lowe (1769-1844), Governor of St. Helena (1815-1821). Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm (1768-1838) was Commander in Chief of the St.Helena station in 1816-17. Unlike Hudson Lowe, Malcolm remained on good terms with Napoleon, and made a valuable record of their conversations. Letters by Hudson Lowe as Governor of St.Helena are uncommon. Lowe’s attachment to the detailed regulation of all life on St. Helena is well known.