LISTER, Joseph. 18904



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Joseph Lister’, to Dr. Bullock, responding to his letter, agreeing that “100 cc seems indeed an enormous quantity to use”, hoping Bullock can continue “pretty comfortably till Symmons joins you”. 1½ pages 6 x 4 inches, black borders, in good condition, some very light toning. 12 Park Crescent W., 7 March 1896. Joseph Lister (1827-1912), surgeon, whose work introduced the antiseptic system into modern surgery, and who developed a commercial serum therapy against diptheria. His correspondent is Dr W. Bullock, head of the Serum Department at the British (Jenner, and later Lister) Institute of Preventive Medicine (founded by Lister and others), and subsequently Professor of Bacteriology at the London Hospital Medical School.