LIEBREICH, Richard. 17614



Autograph Letter Signed ‘R.Liebreich’, to Mr. Owen [later Surgeon-Major Charles William Owen], certifying to Owen’s assistance and ability at the hospital, taking charge of patients in Liebreich’s absence, knowing “that you have had a very considerable opportunity for gaining knowledge and experience in Opthalmic Surgery”. 2 pp. 7 x 4½ inches, in fine condition. St. Thomas’s Hospital, 15 January 1877. Richard Liebreich (1830 – 1917), German ophthalmologist and physiologist. He practised medicine in Paris (from 1862) and London (from 1870), where he was head of ophthalmology at St. Thomas Hospital. He later retired from medicine and moved back to Paris, where he worked as a sculptor and painter. In 1863 he published the highly acclaimed Atlas des Ophthalmoscopie, an atlas dedicated to the subject of ophthalmoscopy. He also designed a popular model of ophthalmoscope called the “Liebreich ophthalmoscope”. He was interested in the pathological changes of the eye as viewed through the ophthalmoscope, and in 1859 provided a classic description of ocular changes in Bright’s disease.