LEWIS, Wyndham. 19744



Autograph Letter Signed ‘W,Lewis’, to “Dear Porteus”, asking when he is going to be demobbed, and inviting him to visit. 1 page 7 x 5 inches, in good condition. Flat A, 29 Notting Hill Gate, London, W.2., undated [?1945]. Uncommon. Percy Wyndham Lewis (1882 – 1957), English writer, painter, and critic. He was a co-founder of the Vorticist movement in art and edited BLAST, the literary magazine of the Vorticists. “Most anxious to hear what has been happening to you. Discard your uniform as soon as possible.” Hugh Gordon Porteus (1906-1993) was an influential reviewer of art and literature in the London of the 1930s, and also a poet. He was an admirer of Wyndham Lewis and wrote the first critical book on him, published in 1932. Lewis portrayed Porteus as the character “Rotter” Parkinson in his novel Self Condemned.