LESTOCK, Admiral Richard. 18836



Demand for Gunners Stores, signed by Commander Aubrey Beauclerck, countersigned “Approv’d by Richd. Lestock”, for the use of his Majesty’s Ship Prince Frederick. 6 x 7 inches, slightly trimmed at upper edge, in good condition. Port Royal Harbour [Jamaica], 12 January 1740 [1741]. Uncommon. Admiral Richard Lestock (1679-1746) served in the West Indies from 1740. Vice-Admiral Edward Vernon appointed him commodore and third in command of the fleet. Lestock regularly attended Vernon’s naval councils of war. During the Battle of Cartagena de Indias he was appointed to command the attack on Fort San Luis on 23 March 1741. The battle ended in defeat and the Boyne was severely damaged. Lestock returned to England in the summer aboard the Princess Carolina. He then took over the command of HMS Neptune and was appointed Commander-in-Chief Mediterranean Fleet and sent out with a large contingent of reinforcements in November 1741. Lord Aubrey Beauclerk (1710-1741) saw service during the War of the Austrian Succession and was killed at the Battle of Cartagena de Indias on 22 March 1741, two months after signing this document.