LANMAN, Charles Rockwell. 6877



Autograph Letter Signed, to Reinhold Rost, praising his Sanscrit work, referring to the “parsimony of govt towards educational matters”, and commenting on his own trip to India. 2 pp. 8½ x 5 inches, surface creasing on flimsy paper, minor defects only. Elphinstone College, Bombay, 20 January 1889. Charles Rockwell Lanman (1850-1941), orientalist and Sanscrit scholar, edited the Harvard Oriental Series (from 1891), published A Sanscrit Reader (1884). “I am very glad I came to India. I had hoped to do so for years. But it was my wife’s suggestion at last. We mean to travel in Bengal & N.W.Pr. the next few weeks… The journey is to be one of endless advantage to me professionally, & I hope I shall not work so hard as to hurt myself.” Reinhold Rost (1822-96), orientalist, librarian at the India Office, has annotated this letter: “…next to Whitney the best Sanscrit scholar in the States.”