LANGLES, Louis-Mathieu. 12131



Autograph Letter Signed, forwarding material about M.Jumen, latinist and hellenist, and recommending other named academics. In French. 1 page 10 x 7½ inches, annotated on receipt, printed heading of the Bibliotheque Impériale, integral blank leaf (remains of guard). Paris, 20 February 1809. Louis-Mathieu Langlès (1763 – 1824), French philologist, linguist, translator, author, librarian and orientalist. He was the conservator of the oriental manuscripts at the Bibliothèque Impériale. Langlès corresponded with William Jones in Calcutta; and he was responsible for including the history and bibliography of the early publications of the Asiatic Society of Bengal in the third volume of the Magasin Encyclopédique. The 1811 edition of Jean Chardin’s Voyages de monsieur le chevalier Chardin en Perse et autres lieux de l’Orient (The Travels of Sir John Chardin in Persia and the Orient), was edited by Langlès. His published works included Monuments anciens et modernes de l’Hindoustan; Alphabet Mantchou; and Instituts Politiques et Militaires de Tamerlan.