LANE, Edward William. 17934



Autograph Letter Signed, to “My dear Friend”, unable to recommend that he purchase a particular volume, although “valuable for topographical matters”, but demanding silence on this matter as far as the Bookseller is concerned. 2 pp. 5 x 4 inches Wednesday night, undated. Uncommon. Edward William Lane (1801– 1876), Orientalist, translator and lexicographer. He travelled to Egypt (1825-28, 1833-35) and published Manners and Customs of the Egyptians (1836). He is known for his translation of One Thousand and One Nights. In 1842 Lane began his great Arabic Dictionary; it was published in five parts (1863-75). “If you reject it, I shall be greatly obliged by your not telling the Bookseller that I have dissuaded you, if you can devise any other excuse; for he is at present engaged in a negociation of the utmost importance to me, & I am terribly afraid of displeasing him. Of this I will tell you more when we next meet.”