KNAPP, John Leonard. 16304



Autograph Letter Signed, to “My dear Madam”, about his attempts to remove a troublesome child (”a most violent personage beyond the control of her Father”) from her aunt’s house to the poor house. 2 pp. 4½ x 3½ inches, fine. 4 May 1833. Uncommon. John Leonard Knapp (1767 -1845), English botanist best known for his Journal of a Naturalist and his work on British grasses. In 1804 he published Gramina Britannica, or Representations of the British Grasses on 119 coloured plates, with Descriptions, in quarto, the figures being executed by himself. This edition was, with the exception of a hundred copies, destroyed by a fire at Bensley’s, the printers, and the book was not reissued until 1842. In 1818 Knapp published anonymously a poem entitled “Arthur, or the Pastor of the Village,” and between 1820 and 1830 a series of articles, under the title of ‘The Naturalist’s Diary,’ in the almanac series ‘Time’s Telescope.’ These formed the germ of his most successful work, the Journal of a Naturalist, published anonymously in 1829, which went through three editions during his lifetime. It was published in America in 1853 as Country Rambles in England with an introduction and notes by Susan Fenimore Cooper.