KENT. Knolton, Chillenden & Gooneston, 1465. 18949



An original Quitclaim, recording the sale of various plots of land in Knolton, Chillenden and Gooneston and other villages by Thomas Fylpot of the parish of Donstam to William Norton senior of the parish of Chillenden, with full details of the “messuage and lands with their appurtenances”, and the name of witnesses. 19 lines in Latin, with a typed English translation in full. Vellum, 5 x 11 inches, in an attractive script, two wormholes only, with seal tag, and half of a red wax seal. Minor traces of former mounting on verso. 1 April 1465. “In testimony of which I have affixed my seal. Given the first day of April in the 5th year of King Edward 4th after the conquest” [Monday 1 April 1465]. The named villages lie between Canterbury and Deal.