KELTIE, John. 18137



Autograph Letter Signed, to R.W.Frazer, agreeing to deliver a lecture, asking Frazer to suggest a subject. 1 page 7 x 4 inches, in good condition. Royal Geographical Society, 3 July 1890. Sir John Scott Keltie F.R.G.S. (1840 – 1927), Scottish geographer, best known for his work with the Royal Geographic Society. He joined the Royal Geographic Society in 1883, and quickly became heavily involved in its activities. He was appointed its Inspector of Geographical Education in 1884, and undertook a thorough review of the state of geography education in the UK, producing an influential 150-page report. In 1885 he became the Society’s librarian, and upon the death of Henry Walter Bates in 1892, succeeded him as Assistant Secretary of the Society (in effect its Secretary, as the official Secretary was a figurehead from the nobility). Among his first tasks was the relaunching of the Proceedings of the Royal Geographic Society as the Geographical Journal in 1893, in order to appeal to a wider audience. He was officially given the title of Secretary in 1896.