JODRELL, Richard Paul 19054



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Richard Paul Jodrell’, joyfully informing his correspondent (Mr. Hase) that Jodrell’s wife “was this morning at 2 o’clock delivered of a fine boy” [Sir Richard Paul Jodrell, 2nd Bt. (1781-1861), Poet]. 2 pp. 10 x 7 inches, minor blemishes only. Berners Street, 26th June 1781. “You may inform Mrs. Hase that it has black eyes.” Richard Paul Jodrell (1745 –1831), classical scholar and playwright. In 1784 Jodrell became a member of the club founded at the Essex Head, for the purpose of cheering the declining days of Dr. Johnson; and, it is believed, that he and the late Chamberlain Clark, who died a few days before him, were “positively the last” survivors of that celebrated literary fraternity. Jodrell was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1772, and of the Society of Antiquaries in 1784.