JEANS, Sir James Hopwood. 17897



Typed Letter Signed, to N.L.Clay, permitting him to reproduce the first three paragraphs of The Universe Around Us, adding that the publisher’s permission will also be required. 1 page 10 x 8 inches, fine. Cleveland Lodge, Dorking, 29 November 1932. Sir James Hopwood Jeans (1877-1946), physicist, astronomer and author. He made important contributions in many areas of physics, including quantum theory, the theory of radiation and stellar evolution. His scientific reputation is grounded in the monographs The Dynamical Theory of Gases (1904), Theoretical Mechanics (1906), and Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism (1908). After retiring in 1929, he wrote a number of books for the lay public, including The Stars in Their Courses (1931), The Universe Around Us, Through Space and Time (1934), The New Background of Science (1933), and The Mysterious Universe. These books made Jeans fairly well known as an expositor of the revolutionary scientific discoveries of his day, especially in relativity and physical cosmology. One of Jeans’ major discoveries, named Jeans length, is a critical radius of an interstellar cloud in space.