JAPAN. Komura Jutar 19093



Postcard showing the flags of Japan, signed ‘Jutaro Kormura’. From the collection of Reginald Bray, who has addressed this card to Komura as Japanese Ambassador in London, asking him to sign and return it. Postmarked Forest Hill, 19 July 1906. Marquess Komura Jutar (1855 –1911), statesman and diplomat in Meiji period Japan. In September 1901, Komura became Minister for Foreign Affairs under the first Katsura administration, and signed the Boxer Protocol on behalf of Japan. He was elevated into the kazoku peerage with the title of baron (danshaku) in 1902 and decorated with the 1st class of the Order of the Rising Sun. Later in 1902, Komura helped conclude the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 1902. His tenure as Foreign Minister was marked with increasing tension between Japan and Russia over Korea and Manchuria, cumulating in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–1905. The Russo-Japanese War was ended with Komura’s signature on behalf of the Japanese government of the Treaty of Portsmouth.