JAPAN. Captain Chandos Stanhope, R.N. 17193



Certificate Signed by Stanhope as Captain of HMS Ocean, certifying that John Stuart Lindsay Long had completed his navigation course. Countersigned by H.G.Smith, Naval Instructor. 1 page 13 x 8 inches, folds, light stains. HMS Ocean, Hiogo [Japan], 24 March 1868. Captain Chandos Scudamore Stanhope (1823-1871), Royal Navy, received a Royal Humane Society Silver Medal in 1851 for a life-saving rescue of a seaman. Soon after his death a group of his friends formed a memorial in his honour and raised a large sum of money, to provide a fund for the award of the gold “Stanhope Medal”, to be awarded by the Royal Humane Society for gallantry. Stanhope served on the HMS Warspite 50-gun ship with captains Sir John Hay and Sir Provo William Parry Wallis. These ships served the North America, West Indies, and Mediterranean ports. He was appointed in December 1846 to the HMS Queen 110-gun ship of Sir John West at Devonport. Stanhope later served from August 1847 in the Pacific on the HMS Asia 84-gun ship commanded by Rear-Admiral Phipps Hornby.[4] Stanhope became a Captain in October 1858. He commanded the ship HMS Ocean from Rio de Janeiro to Singapore in 1867. He died of smallpox at Malta. The first Stanhope Medal was awarded in 1873 to Captain Matthew Webb, who had attempted to rescue a sailor who had fallen from the rigging of a ship into the Atlantic Ocean.