JAMES II. Committee for Trade and Plantations, 1685. 19652



An Accompt of Salaries due and Moneys Laid out in the service of His Majesty and in attendance on the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee for Trade and Plantations… Signed by the Earls of Clarendon, Sunderland, Middleton, Peterborough, and Mulgrave. 2 pp. 14 x 8.5 inches, remains of guard, in good condition. 27 October 1685. SIGNED BY FIVE EARLS. This Order lists the salaries of clerks, an Underkeeper, Mr. Blathwayt, a Messenger & his Assistant, rent for offices, fire and candle, Postage of Letters, ‘For Stationery Ware as Paper, pens, Ink, Sand, Wax, Tape & binding of books’, etc. The signatories are Henry Hyde, second Earl of Clarendon (1638-1709), Lord Privy Seal; Robert Spencer, second Earl of Sunderland (1640-1702); Charles Middleton, second Earl of Middleton (1640?-1719), secretary of state to James II, and chief adviser to the king in exile; Henry Mordaunt, second Earl of Peterborough (1624?-1697), deserted from Parliament to King Charles I during the Civil War, Governor of Tangier (1661), escorted Mary of Modena to England in 1673); John Sheffield, third Earl of Mulgrave (1648-1721), Lord Chamberlain (1685), Lord Privy Seal (1702). Included are some typed notes on these Privy Councillors in the reign of King James II.