ISHERWOOD, Christopher. 18006



A good series of 5 Autograph Correspondence Cards, Signed ‘Christopher Isherwood’ (4) and ‘Chris’ (1), to Dr. William Gray of Randolph-Macon College, Virginia, with many references to his published works, thanking him for news of “Chester’s death”, musing on the death of Gerald Hamilton, discussing the forthcoming publication of ‘Kathleen and Frank’, work on the Frankenstein story for TV, acknowledging ‘Stylus’ containing Gray’s interview with Isherwood, recommending Gerald Heard’s book, ‘Pain, Sex & Time’, etc. 5 cards 3 x 5 inches, in good clean condition, postmarked. Santa Monica, California, 1967-1975. Christopher Isherwood (1904-1986), novelist. A series full of biographical references: “I was in England this spring but unfortunately missed seeing Gerald Hamilton as I had to leave earlier than I expected. His death was, apparently, quite sudden. I saw him on TV while I was there, giving an excellent performance of himself. No, I don’t think I shall write any more about Mr. Norris.”