Indian Mutiny. HARDINGE, Henry, 1st Viscount. 18917



Autograph Letter Signed by the former Governor-General to Mr. Waterfield, expressing his horror at the Sepoy mutiny, and asking his correspondent to forward a letter about his uncle’s son, “who is attached to Sir H.Lawrence, & who was wounded in the lat outbreak at Lucknow”. 3 pp. 7 x 4 inches, in good condition. 20 Hanover Square [London], 8 August, no year given [watermark 1855]. Lord Hardinge (1785-1856) , Governor General of India (1844-48). He was the first Governor-General to go out to India by way of Egypt and the Red Sea, arriving in India 22 July 1844. “These are most anxious times. I cd. never have believed that the Sepoy who has invariably been treated with such indulgence & consideration wd. even under the influence of fanaticism have been proved so cold blooded and merciless.”