HOWARD, Sir Robert, and others. 17414



Large lower section (only) of an Exchequer document, bearing the signatures of Sir Robert Howard, Sir John Ernle (Chancellor of the Exchequer), Thomas Earl of Danby, and, overleaf, Sir Nicholas Steward (Stuart), Chamberlain of the Exchequer. Partly printed, with manuscript insertions. 10 x 9 inches, folds, in good condition. November 1679. The autograph of the seventeenth century dramatist, Sir Robert Howard (1626-98), author, privy councillor, and patron of Dryden. Sir John Ernle (1620–1697), Chancellor of the Exchequer. Thomas Osborne, Earl of Granby, later Duke of Leeds (1632-1712) became Lord High Treasurer to Charles II in 1674.