HOSTE, Captain Sir William. 18585



Autograph Letter Signed, to his mother at Godwick Hall, Norfolk, hoping to return home yet at the same time waiting for opportunities to arise on the Mediterranean station, frustrated at remaining at Malta because, due to the state of the Amphion, “it will be with difficulty I can keep the Sea this winter”, referring to George Hoste, asking after the children at home, describing the “dreadful accident” of the wreck of HMS Athenian with heavy loss of life. 4 pp. 9 x 7 inches, with the address panel (English mileage marks). HMS Amphion, Malta, 27 October 1806. Captain Sir William Hoste (1780-1828) who entered the navy under Nelson’s patronage. Hoste was one of the great frigate captains of the Napoleonic wars, taking part in six major actions, including the Battle of Lissa (1811). He tells his mother that he will be writing to his father, “as this business of the Amphion being so bad will require some Interest to get me another Ship & I should wish to be employed in the Mediterranean if possible without going home & have a Frigate in my Eye – God bless you my dear Mother, remember me to all hands …”