HOME, Daniel Dunglass. 18939



Autograph Note of four lines, Signed ‘D.D.Home’, written at the end of an urgent request for help (in French), explaining, in English, that he unable to attend, regretting his own indisposition: “Alas! I am too ill.” 1 page 7 x 4 inches, worn. Undated. An uncommon autograph. Daniel Dunglass Home (1833-1886), medium. He did not become a professional medium, but almost a professional guest, moving from one hospitable family to another, mostly of spiritualists. He had great success in America, Europe, at the French court and in Russia, giving sittings to many in high society, including the Tsar. These strange sittings saw the relatively frequent phenomenon of ‘spirit lights’ and the much rarer one of levitation of the medium’s body. Later developments included the unscathed handling of red-hot coals, the supposed elongation of Home’s body, once by as much as 11 inches, and the materialisation of dim or misty phantom figures.Robert Browning, however, lampooned him viciously in ‘Mr Sludge the Medium’ (1864). Among many other strange appointments and invitations, D.D.Home became resident secretary of a spiritualist centre, the Spiritual Athenaeum, at 22 Sloane Street, London. He wrote Incidents in my Life (1863 and 1872) and Lights and Shadows of Spiritualism (1877), which shocked spiritualists by its attacks on mediumistic fraud. [ODNB]