HOLYOAKE, George Jacob. 19752



Letter Signed ‘G.J.Holyoake’, to William Jebb, suggesting “your Pickersgill” (Pickersgill’s portrait of Robert Owen) “would be seen by all the world in the National Gallery, where Owen is poorly represented”, now that £10,000 is to be spent erecting a memorial of Robert Owen at Manchester. 3 pp., second leaf laid down on album page. Eastern Lodge, Brighton, 26 September 1901. George Jacob Holyoake (1817-1906), English social reformer. Holyoake taught mathematics for some years at the Mechanics’ Institution in Birmingham, lectured on Robert Owen’s socialist system, was secretary to Garibaldi’s British contingent, edited the Reasoner, and promoted the bill legalizing secular affirmations. He was the last person imprisoned in England on a charge of atheism (1842). He wrote histories of the co-operative movement, works on secularism, Sixty Years of an Agitator’s Life (1892) and Public Speaking and Debate (1895).