HOCHE, Lazare, General. 15712



Letter Signed ‘L.Hoche’, to General Grouchy, Chief of Staff, asking him to promulagate a decree issued by the Committee of Public Safety. 1 page 9 x 7½ inches, in good condition, letter heading of l’Armée de l’Ouest with the motto “Res non verba”. Nantes, 8 frimaire l’an 4 [29 November 1795]. Louis Lazare Hoche (1768-1797), Revolutionary general, was promoted from corporal (1789) to general of brigade and general of division, commanding the army of the Moselle (1793); served with distinction in Alsace (1793), in suppressing the Vendean insurrection (1795-96), and in fighting the Austrians at Neuwied and Altenkirchen (1797). He was appointed in 1796 to command the troops destined for the invasion of Ireland, but a storm separated Hoche from the expedition and the fleet was forced to return to Brest.