HIND, John Russell. 17986



Autograph Letter Signed, to S.Meredith, offering to show him the instruments in the Observatory. 1 page 8 x 7 inches, mounted on an old album page, corner stains. Mr. Bishop’s Observatory, South Villa, R.P., 13 September 1848. John Russell Hind (1823-1895), astronomer. At age 17 he went to London to serve an apprenticeship as a civil engineer, but through the help of Charles Wheatstone he left engineering to accept a position at the Royal Greenwich Observatory under George Biddell Airy. Hind remained there from 1840 to 1844, at which time he succeeded W. R. Dawes as director of the private observatory of George Bishop. In 1853 Hind became Superintendent of the Nautical Almanac, a position he held until 1891. Hind is notable for being one of the early discoverers of asteroids.