HATTON, John Liptrot. 7211



An exuberant Autograph Letter Signed, to “Bob” (Thallon) in Brooklyn, incorporating a musical quotation, describing the latest concerts, the forthcoming concerts to be given by Wagner in the Albert Hall, his own Sacred Drama, and much else. 4 pp. 7 x 4½ inches, in good condition, a few minor tears only. Margate, 30 April 1877. A wonderful letter by John Liptrot Hatton (1808-1886), composer, pianist and singer, praised by the New Grove as “the inventor, or at least one of the earliest exponents, of a kind of popular one-man show, in which he spoke, played the piano, and sang to his own accompaniment”. In this letter he describes “My Sacred Drama – the word Oratorio is too ponderous for the character of my work – it being most dramatic – especially when part II begins – then we have old Sennacherib with the Assyrian Host – Warriors – Dancing Girls – Trombones – Big drums – Cymbals – Triangles – Tambourines, etc. kick up a d_l of a row. I can’t tell yet – when or where it is likely [to] come out – you shall know when the time comes.”