HASTINGS, Warren, and others. 19094



Printed Bill of Exchange, completed in manuscript, Signed by Warren Hastings, Edward Wheeler, John Macpherson and John Stables, addressed to the Court of Directors of the East India Company, requesting the payment of £1041. 13s. 4d. “being for Current Rupees Ten Thousand”. 10 x 15 inches, vertical folds, a few wormholes, in good clean condition. Docketed on verso for payment. Fort William, 2 December 1783. Warren Hastings (1732-1818), administrator in India, later faced impeachment and one of the longest trials in history (1788-1795). Documents from India bearing his autograph are hard to find. The other signatures on this Bill of Exchange are members of the Supreme Council of Calcutta: Edward Wheeler (1733-84), who first opposed Hastings but later supported him in Council; Sir John Macpherson (1745-1781), Governor General from February 1785 to September 1786; John Stables, an able officer who fought in India 1759-69, and became a member of the Supreme Council of Calcutta (1782-87), where he opposed Warren Hastings.