HANWAY, Jonas. 19846



Autograph document signed by Hanway, certifying that James Robinson, purser of his Majesty’s Ship Courageux has lodged his accounts in the Victualling Office, “for Victualling her between 23rd February 1781 and 30 March 1782. 1 page 11 x 7 inches, old repair on verso. Victualling Office, London, 14 February 1783. Jonas Hanway (1712-86), merchant, traveller and philanthropist, travelled across the Caspian Sea and into Persia (1743-45). He wrote An Historical Account of the British Trade over the Caspian Sea (4 vols., 1753). His second work was A Journal of Eight Days’ Journey from Portsmouth to Kingston upon Thames (1756), to which he appended An Essay on Tea. Many other works followed. The American War of Independence kept Hanway occupied at the victualling board and at the Marine Society, the society contributing 7955 men and 4271 boys to that war. Courageux was a 74-gun ship of the line of the French Navy, launched in 1753. She was captured by the Royal Navy in 1761 and taken into service as HMS Courageux. In 1778 she joined the Channel Fleet, and she was later part of the squadron commanded by Commodore Charles Fielding that controversially captured a Dutch convoy on 31 December 1779, in what became known as the Affair of Fielding and Bylandt. On 4 January 1781, Courageux recaptured Minerva in a close-range action west of Ushant that lasted more than an hour. That April, Courageux joined the convoy under George Darby which successfully relieved the Great Siege of Gibraltar.