HANBURY LEIGH, PONTYPOOL PARK. Bill for Saddlery, 1821. 14833



Original Bill for Saddlery, submitted by George Griffiths, Postmaster at Newport, endorsed and signed by Molly Ann Hanbury Leigh, together with George Griffiths’ covering letter, and his signed receipt for £98-6-6, “the Amount of a Bill for Saddlery”. 3 items in good condition, folded. Griffiths’ letter bears a neat red wax seal reading NEWPORT M, alongside a blurred Newport straight line stamp. Post Office, Newport, September 1821. Capel Hanbury Leigh (1776 – 21861) undertook renovations of the family house of Pontypool Park and it is thought that his wife Molly Ann was responsible for the interior shell decoration of the famous Shell Grotto commissioned by John Hanbury in the eighteenth century. The Bill for Saddlery is in fact a bill for all manner of horse furniture, harnesses, “Scarlett Kersey Check Horse sheets”, best Postillion Saddles, Driving Whips, Silk Lashes, Hoggskin Sidesaddle, best brass furniture, and much else, across two pages folio.