HAMPTON, Wade, General. 16897



Autograph Letter Signed ‘W.Hampton’, to John Compty, asking him to pay twenty dollars cash to the bearer, John Strutman, on Hampton’s behalf, in return for which Hampton will supply “good Indigo …or if more agreeable repay the money as soon as I come from Town”. 1 page 7 x 6 inches, folds. 29 November 1783. Wade Hampton I (1752-1835) served in the American Revolution and was a member of Congress for South Carolina from 1795-1797 and from 1803-1805, and a presidential elector in 1801. He was a colonel in the United States Army in 1808, and was promoted to brigadier-general in 1809. He led the American forces in the Battle of Chateauguay in 1813. Thereafter, he acquired a large fortune land speculating. At his death it was told that he was the wealthiest planter in the United States, owning over 3,000 slaves.