HAMPSHIRE. Land Deed for Fordingbridge, 1474. 18730



Quitclaim for an acre of land at Fordingbridge, from William Marsh and his son Walter, to John Pope and his heirs and assigns, with the names of witnesses. In Latin, in a most attractive hand, two pendent seals in red wax. With a few old notes on the translation. Fordingbridge, 8 April in the 14th year of the reign of King Edward IV [1474]. A beautiful medieval deed. “… in the town and fields of Fordingbridge, Over Burgate, Nether Burgate and Peasearshe, in the parish of Fordingbridge (‘in villa & campis de Forthyngbrygge Overburgate Netherburgate & Pysarsh infra p[ar]ochiam de Forthyngbrygge’) with one acre of land lying in the field of Breamore (‘in campo de Bremmoure sup[er] le Rychyll’)…” Dated at Fordingbridge, 8 Apr 14 Edward IV [1474]. Witnesses: Geoffrey Foster, John Somers, William Grene, John Judde and others.