GOUVION ST. CYR, Marshal Laurent, Marquis de. 15645



Letter Signed as Minister of War, addressed “Monsieur le Comte”, discussing a dispute over appointments in the National Guard. In French. 2 pp. 9 x 8 inches, one corner lightly toned, in good condition. Paris, 8 October 1817. Laurent Gouvion St. Cyr, Marshal of France (1764-1830), entered the army in 1792 and fought throughout the Napoleonic Wars. On the Bourbon Restoration he was created a Peer of France, and in July 1815 was appointed War Minister, but resigned his office in the following November. During this appointment he tried to assist long-time friend and fellow marshal Ney by providing him a jury of four other Napoleonic Marshals, but was disgraced when Marshal Moncey refused to even sit in it. In June 1817 he was appointed Marine Minister a pretext for him to resume the place of War Minister, which he did in September and continued to discharge till November 1819.