GORE, Vice-Admiral Sir John. 19810



Memorandum Signed as Rear Admiral, to Captain Duncan, HMS Liffey, unable to comply with his request for the discharge of William Chisleton, Seaman. 6 x 8 inches, in clean condition. Bulwark, in the Medway, 14 August 1818. Vice-Admiral Sir John Gore (1772-1836) served in Canada and the West Indies in the 1780’s, and commanded the Windsor Castle in the actions off Toulon on 13 March and 13 July 1795. In 1801 he was appointed to the Medusa, in which Nelson hoisted his flag during the operations off Boulogne. Apart from two years in India, he continued to command a number of ships off the coast of Spain and in the Mediterranean until the end of the Napoleonic Wars. From 1831 to 1835 he was commander-in-chief in the East Indies.