GOLDSCHMIDT, Hermann. 18023



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Hermann Goldschmidt’, to a correspondent apparently at an observatory in Berlin, evidently discussing astronomical matters [”Atalanta (36)”]. In German, as yet untranslated. 1 page 10 x 8 inches, in good condition, a few creases. With the integral address leaf (one section torn away). Paris, 16 November 1855. Hermann Mayer Salomon Goldschmidt (1802 – 1866), German-French astronomer and painter who spent much of his life in France. He started out as a painter, but after attending a lecture by the famous French astronomer Urbain Le Verrier turned to astronomy. His discovery of the asteroid Lutetia in 1852 was followed by further findings and by 1861 Goldschmidt had discovered 14 asteroids. He received the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1861 for having discovered more asteroids than any other person up to that time.