GISSING, George. 21412



A superb lengthy Autograph Letter Signed ‘George Gissing’, on his return from Germany, to Mrs. Lambart, exclaiming “I have done with wandering”, discussing his “troubles … I am in a state of most serious unsettlement, & can see little chance of anything better for long enough to come”, the possibility of living in Surrey, the charms of farm life, referring to Harrington Court and the changes since Dickens’s time, Gissing’s inability to work: “I have read nothing; I have written nothing. Of course I must get to work, & that speedily and energetically.” About 500 words on 4 pp. 7 x 4 inches, in fine condition, a few light foxing stains. 9 Wentworth Terrace, Wakefield, undated. “For my own part I have done with wandering; I have neither spirits nor money for that kind of thing henceforth. I want only to be very quiet, to see a few friends from time to time, & to be allowed to work.” George Gissing (1857-1903), novelist. “I had a dreary three or four days in Berlin, on my way home. Germany doesn’t attract me; I so loathe the military atmosphere.”