GEORGE III. Royal Irish Regiment of Artillery Commission, 1784. 19315



A rare Military Commission, signed ‘George R’ upper left, appointing Joseph Walker to be First Lieutenant in Our Royal Irish Regiment of Artillery under Lieutenant General Charles Earl of Drogheda. Countersigned by Lord Sydney. Vellum. 13 x 9 inches, folds, Royal wafer seal affixed, in good condition. Our Court at St. James’s, 5 February 1784. King George III (reigned 1760-1820). This regiment was formed in 1755 as The Artillery Company of Ireland. The name was changed in 1760 to The Royal Regiment of Irish Artillery. The Regiment served in Canada in 1777 with Major General John Burgoyne, taking part in the American War of Independence. In addition, some Royal Irish Artillery gunners were shipped directly to New York under Brigadier-General James Pattison. The subject of this Commission, Joseph Walker, commanded the Regiment in 1800 and rose to the rank of Lieutenant-General. The soldiers were recruited all over Ireland and were trained in Dublin Castle In 1801, following the Act of Union and the formation of the United Kingdom, the Royal Irish Artillery was absorbed as an integral part of the Royal Artillery and therefore ceased to exist. The countersignature is Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney (1733-1800). He is famous for his support of the plans for a convict settlement in New South Wales. On 26 January 1788 Arthur Philip named Sydney in New South Wales in his honour.