GASTINEAU, Henry. 20589



Autograph Letter Signed ‘H.Gastineau’, agreeing to teach painting to his correspondent’s friend, stating his terms. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches, in good condition. Camberwell, undated. Henry Gastineau (1790-1876), landscape painter, art teacher, and friend of J.M.W.Turner. He was a regular contributor of drawings to topographical publications. These included eighteen subjects for T. K. Cromwell’s Excursions in the County of Kent (1822), thirteen scenes for W. H. Ireland’s History of Kent (4 vols., 1829–30), numerous views for Jones & Co.’s Wales Illustrated in a Series of Views (2 vols., 1830–31), and, as late as 1860, he contributed nineteen works to John Tillotson’s Picturesque Scenery in Wales.