GARRARD, Sebastian. 17837



A remarkable Autograph Letter Signed ‘Sebastian Garrard’, to Joseph L.Williams, an artist employed by the Illustrated London News, suggesting an illustrated article on the process of polishing “the great Kohinoor Diamond”, with pictures of the machinery, referring also to the completion of “a large and interesting Group by Cotterill representing the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in America”, made to order for an opulent Boston merchant. 3 pp. 7 x 4 inches, filing spike holes (without loss), otherwise in good clean condition. Panton Street, 13 July 1852. In 1843, Queen Victoria appointed Garrard to the position of Crown Jewellers, leading to the production of numerous pieces of silverware and jewellery for the Royal Family, as well as the upkeep of the Crown Jewels. In 1852, Garrard were given the responsibility of re-cutting the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond into a brilliant. “The far famed Diamond has lately been placed in my hands by Her Majesty for the purpose of being recut & polished, for which purpose I have erected a Steam Engine and all proper Machinery on these premises. We are now at work, by way of practice, on small diamonds, and purpose in the course of a day or two to commence on the large one. It seems to me that it might be interesting to the public of this Country, and also of America, where the Illustrated News has so large a circulation, if you were to give a detailed account of the process, which is but little known in England …”