GAMBIER, Admiral James. 18743



Naval Order Signed ‘Gambier’, to Vice Admiral Sir John Duckworth, directing that any ship or vessel of the Channel Fleet under orders from Admiral Lord Gambier prior to the given date (& not immediately from Port) which might join Sir Thomas Duckworth should be sent to Plymouth for further orders. 1 page 12 x 8 inches, ink rather light, but entirely legible, in good condition. Ville de Paris in Torbay, 26 July 1808. James Gambier (1756-1833), 1st Baron Gambier, Admiral of the Fleet (1830) was born in the Bahamas. He fought with distinction under Lord Howe in the Battle off Ushant in 1794. He was Governor of Newfoundland, 1802-1804. He commanded the British fleet at Copenhagen in 1807. At the Battle of Aix Roads in 1809 he disregarded the signals of Dundonald, but was acquitted by a court martial. He retained command of the Channel Fleet until 1811. Gambier was a founding benefactor of Kenyon College in the United States, so the town that was founded with it, Gambier, Ohio is named after him. Mount Gambier, South Australia, the extinct volcano and the later city, and Gambier Island in British Columbia are also named after him.