FUENTES, Pedro Enriquez de Acevedo y Toledo, Count of. 14391



A long Letter Signed, as Governor of Milan, to the magistrates of Milan, evidently enforcing government discipline in legal practice, suppressing corruption, irregular payments, etc. in the name of King Philip III. With two countersignatures. In Italian. 50 lines on 3 pp., 12 x 8 inches, in fine clean condition, entirely legible, address panel, armorial wafer seal affixed, fumigation slits. Milan, 2 July 1608. Pedro Henriquez d’Azevedo y Alvarez de Toledo, Count of Fuentes de Valdepero (1525 – 1610) Spanish general and statesman. He took part in the 1580 campaign in Portugal under the Duke of Alba and in 1582 was given supreme command over the Spanish troops. In 1589, as Captain General of Portugal, he successfully defended Lisbon against the attack by the English Armada, led by John Norris and Francis Drake. In 1591 he was sent to the Netherlands, where he was intermittently Governor. He conquered Doullens and Cambrai during the Franco-Spanish War (1595–1598). He was then made governor and Captain General of Milan, 1600–1610, dying in office aged 85.