FRITH, William Powell. 17911



Autograph Letter Signed, to John Mallows Youngman, responding to criticism of his 1874 Royal Academy picture (Blessing the Children at Boulogne) in the Times. 2 pp., concluded on integral leaf, 7 x 4½ inches, folds, in good condition. 7 Pembridge Villas, Bayswater, 8 May 1874. A good letter by William Powell Frith (1819-1909), painter of historical and genre works, including large canvases such as Derby Day (1858). His correspondent is John Mallows Youngman (1817-1899), painter. Frith writes: “The fault the Times & other papers – the hounds all yelp after the leading dog – find with my picture not only doesn’t exist but if I had been charged with an undue concentration of effect almost amounting to trick – or artifice at least – they would have had some ground for their remark. No, the picture is full of faults but the art critics are about the last to discern them – come up and judge for yourself. You will see faults enough & I am vain enough to believe beauty too.”