FRANKLIN, Sir John. 19910



A long Autograph Letter Signed ‘John Franklin’, to his sister, Henrietta Wright, at Wrangle Vicarage, near Boston [Lincolnshire], setting out a detailed travel plan for Margaret, Mary, Nurse and Baby, to reach Wrangle, suggesting a Post Chaise if the coaches are full, discussing family news (”anxiety about Alice”, one of Henrietta’s children), and commenting on his own proposed travel to Guernsey, and going to meet Jane at Falmouth, quarantine restrictions, and much else. About 500 words on 3 pp. 9 x 7 inches, black edged, with the address panel (holed where seal torn away). folded for transmission, in good condition. 5 Orchard Street, Portman Square, 27 September 1834. Recently discovered. Sir John Franklin (1786-1847), Arctic explorer, lieutenant-governor of Van Diemen’s Land. Henrietta Weeks Wright, formerly Franklin (1795-1878).