FLANDERS CAMPAIGN, 1793. Captain William Lee, 16th Light Dragoons. 18628



Three Entire Letters addressed to Captain William Lee in the 16th Light Dragoons, under command of the Duke of York before Valenciennes in Flanders, two from Aylesbury, one concerning an unpaid bill to a spur maker, the other from his father, Sir William Lee, concerning the affair of Dunkirk and the campaign in Flanders; the third letter, from a lady in London asking Lee to tell nobody about her foolishness and madness in going off with Lee, and asking for a loan of three guineas to pay her debts. Three entire letters, many postal endorsements, one letter with edge faults, the other two very fine. 24 July, 6 August, 25 September, 1793. Uncommon incoming covers during the 1793-95 Flanders campaign. In his long letter, Lee’s father writes: “The affair of Dunkirk appeared as a game of piquet between the French and English.” Captain William Lee (1764-1801) was the son of Sir William Lee, 3rd Baronet (Hartwell). He was promoted to major in 1794 and commanded the 16th Light Dragoons in Flanders from July 1794 to February 1796. Lee died in Madras.