FERRERO, Guillaume. 11660



Autograph Letter Signed, thanking his correspondent for the tickets for Hamlet, praising his correspondent’s recently published article and related matters. In French. 3 pp. 7 x 4½ inches, fine. 8 Rue Saint Hyacinthe,1 June 1896. Uncommon. Guillaume Ferrero, anthropologist and author of Les Lois Psychologiques Du Symbolisme (1895) and other works. Ferrero formulated the “law of least effort” in human psychology. The industrious European is contrasted with the lazy barbarian, and with the criminal population, thieves, nomads, and prostitutes, who are driven only by the desire to avoid work. Ferrero mentions in this letter Cesare Lombroso, his father-in-law and collaborator (in a study of female criminals in1893), a celebrated criminologist, who devised the now-outmoded theory that criminality is determined by physiological traits.